Why Hire a Veteran

The Veteran Advantage; Career-Minded Talent with a Mission to see your Business Succeed

Peace of mind is knowing your company is in the hands of people who value being a part of something greater than themselves.

Military veterans are connected to the big picture. They are accustomed to structure and they are loyal to their purpose. Military training has equipped veterans with the ability to think critically and develop executable solutions.

OPTACorp works with veteran candidates who are seeking long-term career opportunities with companies who will benefit from their invested approach to each assignment.

Testimony from Industry Leaders

In the middle of a system implementation, {the veteran} shifted his labor pool to make himself more available for the task. He saw a need and tried to fill it. His coworkers saw this and followed in his footsteps. He has brought a distinct degree of initiative to the company.

David Sauls

Director Of Operations, WinDoor

MagneGas Corporation is an advanced hydrogen generation technology that produces a hydrogen-based fuel from liquid waste. As such, it requires it’s employees to be comfortable in high hazard situations where extreme focus and operational responsiveness are key.  ‎

We recently began working with OPTACorp recruiting military veterans and now almost one third of our workforce is from the armed services, including Army, Navy and Marines. The quality of this workforce has changed the face of our Company. We now have a team of dedicated, smart, hard working, skilled and loyal employees that come to work each day with a focus to help make our Company great. I would recommend OPTACorp to any Company looking to improve the quality of their workforce while doing something good for our military veterans.

Luisa Ingargiola

CFO, MagneGas Corporation