OPTACorp is in the business of fostering a fulfilling career for our military veterans. We want to help you achieve your professional goals because we believe in giving back.

Rules are different in civilian life. Chain of commands are not clear and neither is the direction you are meant to go. OPTACorp operates with a genuine heart for helping you transition out of the military into a prosperous civilian career.

OPTACorp has put in place hi-touch services that allow us to develop lasting connections with each company and veteran we work with.

-Marc Cuffaro, CEO Optacorp

We successfully match the talents and skills you bring to the table with compatible career opportunities. We build relationships with reputable companies and business experts seeking career-minded individuals to invest in.

We are your launching pad. Whether you have served two years or twenty years, we provide above-standard support to our transitioning veterans from the moment your terminal leave begins to the day you are promoted to bigger and better opportunities.

There is no fee for the services we provide to our veterans.