Success Stories

Success Stories

Commander Richard Dubnansky, USN (Ret.) Life on a Nuclear Submarine can be challenging, and at times daunting, for the Commanding Officer of a $2.5B vessel operating in extreme environments with 180 highly skilled souls on board.  Naval Officers hand selected for these positions are in an elite class due to their technical skills, leadership, calm and steady demeanor, and proven performance in demanding and dynamic situations.  Commander Richard Dubnansky, USN (Ret.) was one of those elite warriors whose actions and efforts were known to but a few, but whose diligence, professionalism, and performance was a critical part of our nation’s security posture and strategy.  One would think that an individual of this caliber would be an attractive applicant for any corporation in need of a leader who can develop and implement strategy, manage considerable operating budgets, and maximize performance of multi-dimensional, cross-functional teams.  One company did finally recognize his talents, but the road from transitioning veteran to corporate leader was not as smooth as one might think.

Richard, like many transitioning veterans, struggled a bit to properly capture all that he had accomplished in his distinguish career that could be easily correlated with skill sets that corporations are looking for in their leaders. There are not too many corporate opportunities that neatly align with what he accomplished during his time in uniform. Unfortunately, most HR staff are looking to find the best qualified applicant based on the requirements of the job description and not necessarily for those intangibles and aptitudes that makes a potential employee truly value-added to an organization.

Recognizing the challenges in capturing and effectively communicating his skills and capabilities, Richard partnered with OPTACorp’s founder Marc Cuffaro and Board Member Bill McKinlay.  Marc and Bill invested the time required with Richard to evaluate his military experience, develop a resume that would translate those skills in a way that resonated in the corporate sector, and coached him through the interview and hiring process.  As a result, Richard found a career opportunity with General Electric’s Healthcare division that he is passionate about.  GE on-boarded an employee, while not an expert in healthcare, who has helped that division exceed expectations by leveraging Richard’s dedication, professionalism, and his vast arsenal of skills and capabilities.

Richard Dubnansky is a veteran, a corporate executive, and one who is dedicated to helping other Navy Veterans through the transition process.  His first piece of advice for his fellow shipmates making the transition; “partner with OPTACorp as early as possible in your transition process.” OPTACorp’s team of corporate and military professionals are dedicated to properly preparing veterans and their spouses for careers in corporate America through a hand’s on, quality first approach.  Are your ready to make your transition?  Give OPTACorp a call.

[us_testimonial style=”4″ author=”Brandon S. Carr” company=”U.S. Air Force”]I am so happy and relieved that I will have employment after the military.  This transition process has been so stressful, but all of you have made it an enjoyable experience.  Thank you for all of your help.  I could not be more appreciative of the work you have done.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”4″ author=”MEB” company=”U.S. Army Veteran”]Working with OPTACorp was amazing. They made the transition process smooth and fulfilling. They took the fear of civilian life away. I would recommend OPTACorp to all of my fellow service members.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”4″ author=”G.S.” company=”U.S. Army”]I would like to thank the wonderful staff and family of OPTACorp. I have been in the military for over 27 years, 12 of those years with U.S. Army Special Forces. OPTACorp helped me transition from a military career to a civilian career. They provided me with the tools to be successful and helped me find the right career that utilizes my skills set to enhance my company’s mission. Thank you OPTACorp for everything that you have done.[/us_testimonial]

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OPTACorp is committed to Special Operations Forces (SOF) wounded, ill, and injured. We have teamed up with Task Force Dagger Foundation as a donor partner to support their mission of providing assistance to the entire Special Operations community.

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