Veteran Interview Preparation

Veteran Intel; Be the Most Prepared Candidate in the Interview Chair

Knowing the environment you are walking into provides you with the guidance and direction you need to nail your interview. OPTACorp equips you with ground intelligence because we have ground experience.

Before your interview, your Career Transition Coach (CTC) prepares you with beneficial information on the corporation and the key players you will be working with. We offer you inside details regarding;

  • Company Mission and Culture
  • Company Expectations
  • What the management team is looking for in a candidate
  • Fellow veterans who work within the company
  • Hiring Manager “Intelligence”

Customized Interview Preparation for Veterans; More Than a Mock Interview

Interviews can be nerve-racking, especially when you are out of practice or not familiar with the civilian corporate world.

OPTACorp prepares you for your interview by reviewing and rehearsing subject matter specific to the company and civilian profession you are interviewing for.

Your Career Transition Coach (CTC) improves your interview proficiency by assessing and perfecting a number of interview skills critical to veterans seeking a civilian career;

  • Translation of military terminology to civilian terminology
  • Application of your military skills to the civilian profession you desire
  • Attire recommendations based on the culture of the corporation
  • Personalized recommendations based on your individual strengths