Resume Development

Veteran Resume Writing; Getting Your Resume to the Top of the Stack

Competitive resume writing is a craft. While a decent resume gets an employer’s attention, a compelling resume gets you an interview.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or have a resume in need of finishing touches, OPTACorp specializes in effective resume development specific to the career opportunity you are seeking.

Identifying Relevance: Explaining How Your Military Background Makes You the Better Civilian Candidate

Prior to a face-to-face interview, your resume speaks for you. It can be difficult to clearly communicate on paper how your military training has prepared you for the civilian career you aspire to achieve.

OPTACorp has expertise in assisting veterans with developing a resume that highlights the unique skillset military training provides while communicating how those skills make you an ideal candidate in the corporate world.

A Clear and Concise Resume: Communicating Your Value in as Few Words as Possible

Hiring managers spend less than 10 seconds initially reviewing a resume. We help you determine how best to prioritize your skills, experience, and strengths on paper as precisely and professionally as possible.

Contact a career transition coach to begin perfecting your resume.