Our Services

CAREER COMPASS; Navigating your options, finding your path

OPTACorp’s Career Compass is designed to help you explore your post-military career options.
We focus on long-term goal setting and work with you to develop best-practice strategies to establish a game plan in your new role as a civilian professional.

NETWORKING; Establishing and maintaining valuable connections

Networking is an essential component in successful career development, both before and after you have settled into your new profession.
OPTACorp’s expansive professional reach offers you the advantage of connecting with key players in your civilian community who want to see you grow in your civilian role as much as we do.

RESUME DEVELOPMENT; Finding the right words for the right role

We specialize in the skillful presentation of your unique abilities and experience.
OPTACorp’s Career Transition Coach (CTC) will assist you in developing a resume that demonstrates your value in the civilian workforce.

INTERVIEW PREPARATION; Where confidence and preparation meet

Our interview training goes beyond the standard mock interview.
Interview preparation with OPTACorp means showing up to your interview with insight on the hiring manager, the company, and the position for which you are interviewing.

BUSINESS BUILDING; Guidance for our entrepreneur-minded veterans

OPTACorp was established by experts in business building.
If your vision is to develop your own company or concept, we have the resources and know how to turn your business idea into a business plan.

ONGOING SUPPORT; From your introduction to your promotion

Teaming up with Optacorp means establishing a long-term relationship with biggest fan.
We are invested in the success of our United States veterans as we aim to provide support services to you before and after you have found your path.