Our Process

How we work

Phase One: Establishing A Relationship With Our Veteran Candidates

Recommending candidates based on professional history alone is limiting and short-sighted.

OPTACorp Career Transition Specialists believe it is important to learn our veteran candidates as whole people. We consider three key components when providing veteran candidate recommendations;

Commitment- Is the veteran candidate committed to growing within your company?

Capability- Does the veteran candidate have skills and experience applicable to the position available?

Compatibility- How does the personality, leadership style, and adaptability of the veteran candidate line up with the climate of your company?

Phase Two: Determining Your Staffing Needs

Share with us who you are as a company and what you would like our candidate to bring to the table.

With a goal of providing you the best in current and future candidate recommendations, we want to familiarize ourselves with the mission and vision of your company and introduce you to veterans who share in your idea of commitment and success.

Phase Three: Candidate Recommendation In 24 Hours

Within 24 hours of connecting with your leadership team, we provide you with qualified veteran candidates who exemplify the skills and characteristics most compatible with the needs of your company.

Our speedy match process is the result of the time invested connecting with our veterans and your professional team.

Phase Four: Candidate Interview within 48 hours

Within 48 hours, our veteran candidate is prepared to meet with your hiring manager.

Our candidate will attend the interview equipped with a solid understanding of your company and the available career opportunity.

Phase Five: Post-Hire Follow Up and Support For Veterans and Clients

The relationship we build with your company and our veteran candidates allows us to offer the best in career transition services because we are in the business of fostering long-term professional connections.

Following the offer and acceptance of the position, OPTACorp continues to provide support to our veterans and to your company by maintaining open lines of communication and ongoing support.