When Transitioning Out of the Military, Networking is Key

OPTACorp has already unlocked the door.

Networking Is Critical When Transitioning From Military To Civilian

When entering the civilian workforce, getting in front of the right people for the right career opportunity is challenging. Communicating how your military expertise translates in a civilian career is another obstacle, in itself.

With 80% of job opportunities unadvertised, it is essential you link yourself with a well-versed networking source that knows where you are coming from and can help navigate you in the direction you wish to go.

Who WE know matters. We build on relationships we have in place and work endlessly to expand our reach so you will have the best opportunities to choose from.

Our team is comprised of leaders from a variety of professional backgrounds.  From  education to entrepreneurship,  we have the experience and connections to get your resume to the top of the right pile and your foot in the right door.

OPTACorp lays the networking foundation for you by developing a close rapport with the companies we work with. We demonstrate a dedicated investment in the needs and growth of each corporation, just as we are dedicated to you.

In order to establish an appropriate opportunity/veteran candidate match, we become well-acquainted with the mission, the culture, and the skills each company values. We build relationships with key players of each employer we connect with. As a result, when we recommend a candidate, they pay close attention.