OPTACorp Partners with FTE Networks for Veteran Career Opportunities


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OPTACorp continues to build robust partnerships with cutting-edge businesses to deliver viable career opportunities for Special Operations Forces and highly skilled conventional veterans. Recently we partnered with FTE Networks, a leading international networking infrastructure solutions company. FTE Networks leadership recognizes that elite veteran candidates contribute to business growth, enhance client satisfaction, and raise team morale. Additionally, FTE Networks leadership strives to give back to our nation’s veterans by affording them a chance to excel professionally in post-service careers.

We are very excited to partner with OPTACorp.  As we continue to grow and build out our business, we need the right type of people with the right skill set.  Many of our veterans have direct and relevant experience in technology and telecommunications with superior execution capabilities. We strongly believe in supporting veterans and this partnership enables us to continue to service our clients as well as giving back to the community.

Michael Palleschi

CEO, FTE Networks

OPTACorp is actively working with FTE Networks to identify career opportunities and to engage with veterans who have the appropriate skills and characteristics required for a highly competitive market. Veterans will be placed in career opportunities that utilize their military skills and present the possibility for professional growth in a supportive environment to ease their transition from their military into the corporate workforce.

FTE Networks is an ideal partner for OPTACorp. The executive management team truly understands the value our highly skilled Special Operations veterans bring to a growing company in a highly competitive field. Our candidates are disciplined leaders with a strong work ethic, unwavering integrity, and innovative problem-solving skills. The company culture and continued growth of FTE Networks provides our candidates with lasting career opportunities in which they can utilize the skills learned and honed throughout their military service.

Marc Cuffaro

Founder & CEO, OPTACorp