Marc Cuffaro, Founder & CEO, Reveals Why He Founded OPTACorp


A Seasoned Business Leader


OPTACorp Founder and CEO Marc Cuffaro acknowledges that his strongest attribute is building relationships, a skill honed over 30+ years of corporate success in sales and business development. In the past, Marc held key roles at such companies as AOL, Nextel, Computer Sciences Corporation, and MagneGas Corporation, developing strategic alliances with business leaders to allow these companies to remain on the cutting edge of technology.

Today, Marc utilizes his vast network to honor our nation’s Special Operations Forces service members and veterans by connecting them with viable careers in corporate America.

How It Started

In 2011, Marc watched as several friends, who had reached the pinnacles of their military careers as Green Berets, struggled as they transitioned out of the military and into the civilian world. These Special Forces soldiers, who represent the elite in leadership, who are hard chargers, strategists, goal setters, high achievers, and brave beyond measure in the battle field, now faced uncertainty, doubt, and lack of confidence in the civilian employment market.

Deeply impacted by the hardships his personal military heroes faced, Marc resolved to change the career transition landscape of Special Operators. His approach is unique to the recruiting world: a boutique-style approach with the dual focus of advising companies on the value former Special Operations Forces bring to the company’s growth, innovation, and morale; and advising Service Members and Veterans on how to present their military experience and skill sets to business leaders in ways to which they can relate.

Why OPTACorp Is Different

OPTACorp’s strength lies in quality, not quantity. Marc strives to understand each Operator’s unique military background and then helps the individual develop a personal story board, correlating their military experience to company-specific deliverables that business leaders recognize. This high-touch approach minimizes the risk of miscommunication between Veterans and employers, ensures a lasting and successful placement, and promises professional growth for both the company and the Veteran.

Additionally, Marc’s career support continues post-placement to guide our Special Operations Forces Veterans through new challenges and support them as they navigate this largely unfamiliar territory. OPTACorp’s candidates know that they can reach out to Marc and the OPTACorp team any time for further assistance and guidance. Marc’s goal is to ensure that the veterans are placed in viable, lasting, and fulfilling career opportunities and to give these veterans the tools needed to attain the same level of success as they did in the military.

Similarly, Marc maintains open communication with clients in an effort to maintain awareness about how our placed Veterans are performing in their new roles and to identify potential issues early on, thereby mitigating said issues by working hand-in-hand with our clients. The follow-on support of both Veteran and client ensures that expectations are met, standards are maintained, and professional growth can occur.

Originally Marc conceived OPTACorp as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, but industry experts convinced him that, rather than focusing much of his time on the fundraising required for a successful nonprofit, his efforts are better spent focused on cultivating relationships with business leaders thereby creating career opportunities for Special Operations Forces service members and veterans. In addition, Marc decided to self-fund OPTACorp as he did not want to dilute the true intent of and passion for the mission by bringing on board investors who may change the direction of the organization.

Supporting Special Operations Forces Beyond Employment

Marc’s passion for assisting Special Operations Forces service members and veterans extends beyond the realm of employment. He ensured that OPTACorp teamed up with Task Force Dagger Foundation as a donor partner to support their mission of providing assistance to the entire Special Operations Community. According to Task Force Dagger Foundation Managing Director, CWO3 Charles “Keith” David, Retired:

Marc Cuffaro is truly dedicated in finding our Special Operations men and women careers where they will excel in using their special operations experience. He works with the service member and gets to know the service member so that when he or she is placed, the service member will know that they are placed in the right career field and the employer knows that they will have a professional that will be there for the company over time. We at Task Force Dagger Foundation are truly honored to work with a professional such as Marc and a company like OPTACorp.

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