OPTACorp develops concrete relationships with our veteran talent, which results in appropriate career placement for your company.

Professional compatibility cannot be measured by a resume alone.
We are in the business of long-term career fulfillment, which is achieved by facilitating career matches based on your needs, our candidate’s skill set, and work culture congruence.

98% Career Placement Success Means We Save You Time and Money

OPTACorp’s record of success is backboned by our gift for building and maintaining relationships with you and with our veteran candidates.

OPTACorp Service Suite; Talent Placement, Consulting, Support

We offer above-industry standard in services to our clients, including advisory and consulting services, as well as ongoing support to our corporate client and veteran candidate.

Why Hire Former Military?

  • Apply mission critical thinking to business needs

  • Unwavering integrity

  • Innovative problem solvers

  • Real-time risk management

  • Effective leaders in high-stress scenarios

  • Strategic thinkers

  • Confident, reliable decision-makers

  • Disciplined

  • Global awareness

  • Depth and breadth of experience