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A Civilian Career After Military Service; Where Is Your Compass Pointing?

When moving forward from your military service, determining what direction you want to go is often as much of a mystery as finding the best path to get there. Job fairs and recruitment agencies leave you with little more than company brochures and short-sighted employment holes that need filling.

Statistics show veterans benefit best from career-oriented systems that provide comprehensive employment support.

OPTACorp has developed an industry leading process with 96% long term career success.

OPTACorp’s Veteran Compass; Personalized Career Guidance

Our Veteran Compass sets you on the course to your professional destination. Starting with conversation one, we dive in to get to know who you are and where you see yourself in the future. OPTACorp helps you map out your professional journey so, together, we can connect the dots.

When working with veterans in assessing the best career path, we consider:

  • Current skills and experience
  • Educational achievements and goals
  • Areas of professional interest
  • Current and desired geographical location
  • Personal (familial) responsibilities
  • Income requirements
  • Career Milestones
  • Retirement Goals

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