About OPTACorp

Why OPTACorp?

“Most Human Resource departments flood your office with 5 or 10 guys you don’t even want to have a cup of coffee with, let alone work with…

OPTACorp comes with properly screened candidates. They are not trying to fill a hole. They are about changing lives.”

-David Saus, Director of Operations, WinDoor

Veteran Candidates Who Complement the Mission of Your Company

Nobody understands the mission and vision of your company the way you do. OPTACorp intends to.

We specialize in veteran candidate recommendations by considering key determinants;

  • Company culture & leadership style
  • Company mission & Goals
  • Job requirements & correlating Veteran Skills
  • Candidates career path related to company vision
  • Opportunities for growth within your company

Connecting, Consulting, Advising; OPTACorp is More Than a Career Transition Agency

Our services extend to follow-up support with you and your military veteran hire. We offer in-house consulting services, as well as ongoing networking and training opportunities for your veteran leaders and team members.

We become an extension of your company and we look forward to celebrating your growth and the growth of the military veteran you welcome on to your professional team.